Thoughts on sex, sexuality, sexual preference, and marriage in the United States

First, the disclaimer:

The opinions to be presented in this article are those of Charles H.Tankersley and do not reflect any political or religious doctrine other than that of his own. Sex, sexuality, sexual preference, and marriage has become has become a major political, religious, and social issue in the United States. Mr.Tankersley will attempt to examine the issue with an open, objective and factually mind and leave the subjective and emotional prejudices behind.

I shall contemplate sex first:

The purpose or reason for Sex:

"...Go forth and multiply..."! Of course, among all life, sex is divided into three parts, male, female, and neither. The male function provides pollen or sperm as the case may be, the female provides the egg or the equivalent as the case may be, and the one celled life simply divides asexually. As I Reflect on life it becomes clear that sex has but one purpose throughout both the plant and animal kingdom; that purpose being reproduction. This is true even for the human being. In recalling my Catechism Classes, I remember that Christ once said , in paraphrase, that it is better to not let the seed (sperm) fall on infertile ground. Also, He said, again in paraphrase, that we should look, as an example to our behavior, to the birds and beasts in the field, that they neither sow nor reap but that God provides for them. Even at the tender age of seven, I realized that all the birds and beasts run about in the fields naked and have sex in plain sight. So, with their example in mind, I began to question why we have an aversion to the same. Why do we hide the fact that we are sexual beings? Then, when the time for my parents to instruct me on 'the facts of life', my Father presented this explanation of the sexual relationship between a man and a woman: "A woman gives a man sex in order to get love and a man gives a woman love in order to get sex.". A simple explanation but, also, a reason in my mind to separate love and sex. Love is an emotional state of being while sex is a physical act.

  1. Sex is for procreation. This is evident throughout all life on Earth, whether plant and animal.

  2. Within all but the most primitive of living forms it takes a male and a female to reproduce contribution. The flowers which are the reproductive organs of many plants can contain both the male and female parts. All animal, with a very few exceptions, are either male or female. Algae, bacteria and viruses do reproduce but in their own special way.

  3. The male and the female contributions to this system is private between the contributors and the receiver. They do their thing as God or, if you prefer, Mother Nature ordained.

  4. Without intervention, the male - female method is the only way to reproduce. This means that higher animal, including Human, reproduction is impossible between male and male or female and female.

  5. If one sees themselves as male in a sexual relationship with another male, they must understand that they have no hope of reproduction without certain scientific intervention which is not available at this time. They can only assist each other in mutual masturbation.

  6. If one sees themselves as a female in a sexual relationship with another female, they must understand they have no hope of reproduction without certain scientific intervention which is not available at this time. They can only assist each other in mutual masturbation.

  7. The sex drive throughout the human, animal, and plant life is designed for procreation, without exception.

  8. Not only is it the right of all life to procreate, all life is driven to procreate by their very nature.

  9. It is the right of The Human Being not to procreate if it is in their bast interest for whatever reasons. However, one must understand that life actually does begin with conception.

  10. Regardless of ones status in all of life, marriage has nothing at all to do with the right to procreate or not to procreate. Marriage is a MAN MADE INSTITUTION and has differing strong overtones within multiple religious doctrines with nation dividing political and social beliefs. It seems that when it comes to sexuality and marriage in the United States that the Constitutions First Amendment is set aside.

This is my belief, the right to which is guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of American and by God Almighty, Himself/herself.

I reached puberty at the end of World War II. My family moved to San Antonio in 1940 and enrolled my sister and I into Saint Mary's Academy which was downtown, a long bus ride from Kelly Homes, the civilian and officer's housing development for Kelly Field Army Air Corps base. Today, it seems, Parents would be severely chastised for child endangerment for this. But my six your old sister and I, then age 7, successfully rode the bus back and forth for two years. Since both our mom and dad were involved in the soon to be war effort. Dad wrote the Army Air Corps text book for training the x-ray technicians and my Mom was the head nurse at the Camp Normal Army Hospital. They were great parents and both Grand Mothers shared coming from Oklahoma to help care for we three siblings. All in all, this was my first lessen in the responsibilities of marriage and how married couples should relate with each other.

My view of the practice of Sex in the USA: